About Me


“I am of service to my community by holding monthly fire ceremonies, shamanic journeying circles, Reiki shares and volunteering my services.
As human beings we enter this world accompanied with our Creator- given talents and gifts. As we walk along our path oftentimes we lose our way, our identity, our empowerment, our joy! It seems our light has gone out.” I wish to be of service to individuals who are seeking their way back to their light, to their empowerment, to follow their heart from a place of joy - to Walk in Beauty.”

Katy Ingersoll is a Shamanic and Reiki practitioner-teacher, a healer and spiritual counselor and educator. She artfully integrates the richness of ancient healing methods into today’s society achieving genuine results for her clients and her students.

Katy Ingersoll

Reiki Master Practioner/Teacher
Shamanic Practioner/Teacher
The outside of Katy's home. Slideshow with sound